[ Their international news service might still be a saggy, steaming pile of sheep’s stomach packed with rotting offal, but the BEEB still makes the most technically superb documentaries on the world. Hands down. ] [youtube]f9GH-yvPHSY[/youtube]


The US Congress has just passed the bill that allows private and commercial use of drones. [youtube]fiheoIT6KxQ[/youtube] This entails lots of questions as the arcraft that untill now have been used solely by the military and intelligence is now available for an average citizen. How this bill implementation could harm […]


After world opinion categorically denied Wall Street, London, and its NATO forces a replay in Syria of the destruction and pillaging of Libya, with Russia and China leading opposition to a planned escalation and overt NATO military intervention, the corporate-financier media led by CNN (and in particular CIA-asset Anderson Cooper) […]


Stuart Littlewood exposes British Water’s complicity with the Israeli occupation authorities who are not only stealing Palestinian water, but also overseeing the flooding of Palestinian fields and villages with untreated sewage from hilltop Jewish settlements. There are few crimes more despicable then stealing your neighbour’s water, and polluting what’s left, […]