US Invading Syria By Proxy

After world opinion categorically denied Wall Street, London, and its NATO forces

a replay in Syria of the destruction and pillaging of Libya,

with Russia and China leading opposition to a planned escalation and overt NATO military intervention,

the corporate-financier media led by CNN (and in particular CIA-asset Anderson Cooper)

has conducted a non-stop propaganda campaign based entirely on “activist” say-so centered around the Syrian city of Homs.

Journalistic integrity and neutrality have been shamelessly abandoned,

evident by CNN headlines reading,

Ruthless Assad rides wave of slaughter.”

Every claim is punctuated by “activists say,”

with passionate pleas for NATO to rain Libya-style death and destruction upon Syria

from alleged “activists” on the phone with CNN’s Anderson Cooper,

“activists” who could just as easily be in the adjacent room at CNN’s studio or in London,

as in Homs

– since CNN and other corporate-media outlets have categorically failed to provide substantial,

verified evidence of their most recent narrative.

It is a narrative to dupe the West once again into what is essentially naked military conquest

operating behind the tenuous fig leaf of “responsibility to protect” (R2P).


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