Re-examining the Evidence


It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pieces to the September 11th puzzle can be found by simply studying the still shots in this next presentation.

This first one is from the Naudet brothers Documentary “9/11”

What we see here is supposed to be a “plane impact.” 

No broken parts of the “plane” to be seen, and no pieces of the building falling to the ground.

Please notice the sky in the background.

The Missing ABC Brooklyn Bridge Live Traffic Camera Feed Angle

“The rest of this footage exists, where is it?

This shot was shown before the second plane hit the building, this 9/11 camera angle is never seen again, ever.

The footage cuts to the helicopter news feed pooled to all the networks that also showed the first second plane silhouette strike

that comes into the screen from the west southwest in a hard bank level approach.

All the networks had their own camera angles but used the ABC pooled silhouette ……. why?

Who made the agreement to pool all the news footage, a first in history,

BEFORE the second plane hit a building?

The second plane hit is suspiciously missed on ALL the other networks, except for the NY1/NBC ‘orb’ videos.

They all had multiple cameras on the event, but used only pooled feed.

Watch FOX second plane live, they miss it because they can not stop talking about Bin Laden.”

Approximately 45 minutes after the explosion in the North Tower, the sky becomes this overcast in appearance?

It looks like two completely different days in less than an hour.

Just before 10 am, flashes are seen in Building 7 as the South Tower “collapses.”

Notice the color of the sky.

And back to being “overcast” about a 1/2 hour later as the North Tower “collapses”

Not in all videos, however…

We Have An Enormous Explosion In The Remaining World Trade Tower


BBC coverage of the destruction of the North Tower   

9/11 South Tower Demolition – Live Pooled Global Satellite News Feed 9:55 am


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