Under-Reported Palestinian Political Prisoners : An Urgent Matter For Peace

Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) – The situation of Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli jails gets very little coverage in the mainstream media,

in contrast to political prisoners in other parts of the Middle East and beyond.

The reported arrests of Palestinian MPs, Mohammed Totah, Khaled Abu Arafeh, Aziz Dweik,

or the current detention term of hunger striking prisoner Khader Adnan

are only the most recent cases in Israel’s ongoing campaign of arrests across the occupied West Bank.

Why this subject goes under-reported by the established media?

And why the political status of Palestinian prisoners is still ignored in the press today?

Anat Matar, senior lecturer in philosophy at Tel Aviv University,

sees the main problem in the reporting by international media being largely based on Israel’s perspective,

which in turn tends to silence the issue.

“I have been involved in many political activities in the last 40 years,

certainly the least popular subject in Israel is that of Palestinian prisoners”, she observes.

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