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Finally, a video clip that shows clearly the strength of the skyscrapers that were destroyed on the morning of September 11th

and, in comparison, the fragility of the planes that allegedly crashed into them.

 This presentation blasts the preposterous notion that commercial aircraft

could have passed through the steel-reinforced towers

with the buildings offering virtually no resistance.

 “Watch as ENTIRE airplane

Wing, wing tip, tail section


It completely enters the structure w/o a reaction.”




The 9/11 Hijackers: Amateur Aviators Who Became Super-Pilots on September 11

In the days after 9/11,

numerous pilots and aviation experts commented on the elaborate maneuvers performed by the aircraft in the terrorist attacks,

and the advanced skills that would have been necessary to navigate those aircraft into their targets.

The men flying the planes must have been “highly skilled pilots” and “extremely knowledgeable and capable aviators,”

who were “probably military trained,” these experts said.

And yet the four alleged hijackers who were supposedly flying the aircraft were amateur pilots,

who had learned to fly in small propeller planes,

and were described by their instructors as having had only “average” or even “very poor” piloting skills.

But on their first attempt at flying jet aircraft, on September 11, 2001,

these men were supposedly able to fly Boeing 757s and 767s at altitudes of tens of thousands of feet,

without any assistance from air traffic control.

Three of them were apparently able to successfully navigate their planes all the way to the intended targets, which they hit with pinpoint accuracy.

For such poor pilots to carry out such skilled flying would surely have been extremely unlikely, perhaps impossible.

And yet this is what is claimed in the official account of 9/11.    – MysticalGrooveWTC 

0:17  Part of right wing becomes slightly transparent with smoke from burning North tower visible right through that part of the wing.

0:19  Right tail section passes behind the smoke coming from the North tower;

while part of the nose of the plane flattens or disappears altogether.

0:20  Part of the left wing (including the tip) disappears behind (or is cancelled out by)

a building in the background (which is most likely fake).

0:23  The nose of the plane becomes visible again,

just as the right wingtip passes behind the West edge of the South tower.

0:24  Right wingtip is suddenly visible again as the wing passes in front of the South face of the building.

0:28  About a third of the left wing vanishes as it passes by the edge of the tower.

0:32 The nose of the “plane” vanishes as it comes into contact with the South face of WTC2

and the often noted flash occurs just after.

0:33  The left wing has vanished or “sliced” almost completely into the building

and the right wing begins its “hot knife through butter” plunge into the South tower as well

with part of the building “healing itself” immediately after the “penetration” of the plane’s wing.

0:35  The wings have completely vanished

or, are now inside the steel-reinforced skyscraper (as the official explanation would have us believe).

The damage one would expect to see to the building at this moment in the Flight 175 / South tower crash event

simply is not visible.

If the wings are inside WTC2, there is an astonishing lack of evidence on the outside to prove it.  

And that, Dear Reader, is the official conspiracy theory in slow motion.


Here it is again, for Albury, Gary, and BJ:






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