Like the German people during Hitler’s SS operations, or the Special Branch of apartheid  era South African secret police, we just don’t know !?! As citizens of a “once free world” we should be shocked and frightened

                                      by M. J. Molyneaux

In February 2010 the US Dept of Defence published FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations. (1) This restricted document (just come to light on the internet) was written for the U.S. Army Military Police on how to control and incarcerate so-called enemies including civilian populations. This is for use at home or abroad. The implications of this document and the training to implement those policies are far-reaching and alarming. It illustrates how the US military expect the world to be transformed into a global police state. Looks like it already has.

A review of the document shows that the aim is not obviously malicious, but an advanced plan to prevent chaos in a world reacting to escalating population growth and conflict over resources. The disturbing thing about this plan is not that the US wants tight control for maintaining law and order over civilians in situations of unrest, but that they anticipate that their own Military Police will be the ones to enforce the law! That’s quite telling. Here are some extracts quoted from the introduction:   “In light of persistent armed conflict and social turmoil throughout the world, the effects on populations remain a compelling issue. …..Coexisting demographically and ethnically, diverse societies will aggressively compete for limited resources. Typically, overpopulated third world societies suffer from a lack of legitimate and effective enforcement mechanisms, which is generally accepted as one of the cornerstones of a stable society. ….. The goal of military police conducting detainee operations is to provide stability within the population, its institutions, and its infrastructure.…… U.S. forces will compete with local populations for the same space, routes, and resources. …… An adaptive enemy will manipulate populations that are hostile to U.S. intent by instigating mass civil disobedience, directing criminal activity, masking their operations in urban and other complex terrain, and actively seeking the traditional sanctuary of protected areas as defined by the rules of land warfare. ……US Commanders will use technology and conduct police intelligence operations to influence and control populations, evacuate detainees and, conclusively, transition rehabilitative and reconciliation operations to other functional agencies. The combat identification of friend, foe, or neutral is used to differentiate combatants from non-combatants and friendly forces from threat forces.”

Given the common knowledge that US and NATO military presence has multiplied and infiltrated almost every corner of the civilized world today (2) (3) (6), one wonders how much of this incarceration and population control is taking place world wide, besides in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya,…. ? According to chapter 6 of this document, detainee facilities look just like any of their military base camps. Chapter 4 explains how to gag detainees so their shouts or screams are silenced, and, like the German people during Hitler’s SS operations, or the Special Branch of the apartheid era South African secret police, we just don’t know !?! No wonder they also want camps in Syria dn Iran.

Military operations are by nature classified as secret and all information about their operations is restricted and thus not subject to the scrutiny and oversight of any judiciary in the countries where they operate, and the host governments collude or turn a blind eye (4). Add to this, the recent admission that NATO operated a secret force for the past 15 years (5) and clear indications that the US military, according to senior US training officers (7) believes that the Geneva convention rules against using torture, abuse and terrorism in military operations no longer apply in the context of today’s troubled world!

As citizens of a “once free world” we should be shocked and frightened. But does anyone have any better ideas for controlling the rising “social turmoil throughout the world” other than these SS operations?


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