Colonizing Nations 101


[ Republished here – in case you were under some kind of crippling mind-stunting misconception

– that colonization ever ended ]

Last December,

Truth offered a model for destroying and colonizing nations.

In Orwellian newspeak,

it said:

1. Global “Mafia” scoundrels target nations “ripe for ‘Regime Change.’ ”

Calling them rogue states enlists support.

2.  CIA / Mossad / MI6 and collaborators  “arm, train, (and) finance local and foreign mercenaries/terrorists.”

who are then  labeled the more commonly touted misnomer “Freedom fighters”.

3. With or without Security Council authorization, mass killing and destruction follow.

At the same time,

sanctions suffocate nations economically.

Political isolation harms them further.

Civilians always suffer most.

4. Media propaganda glorifies war in the name of peace.

Managed news enlists public support.

Mind manipulation convinces people to back what they should condemn.

 5. Invasions and occupations are called ‘liberation’.

Plunder is called ‘economic development’.

Exploitation and imperial control are called ‘democracy’.

Might justifies right.

Nations are destroyed to free them.

Code language conceals real motives.

Policy involves ravaging the world one country at a time or in multiples.

Nations are destroyed for their own good.

Monied interests alone benefit.


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