America & The Politics Of Genocide In Africa


On Tuesday,

the vast majority of African Americans cast their votes for a man whose hands are soaked in the blood of millions of Congolese.

Barack Obama,

like his predecessors George Bush and Bill Clinton,

has pulled the strings, paid the cash, and sent the weapons that Uganda and Rwanda have used

to cause the deaths of six million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo

since invading that country in 1996.

Various organs of the United Nations have repeatedly found America’s two top allies in Black Africa complicit in the Congo genocide,

and on every occasion,

the U.S. and Great Britain have protected the mass murderers.

And why not ?

The genocide in Congo is the deliberate result of American and British policy.

Uganda and Rwanda are merely henchmen,

who commit mass murder in return for a cut of Congo’s vast stores of mineral resources.

Western businesses are the ultimate beneficiaries.


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