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1958: Mike Wallace Interview With Donald Keyhoe On UFOs And Censorship

For historical interest and reference. Fascinating interview:

Keyhoe was famously cut off during an interview on television in the early 50’s (referenced in this later interview). The UFO research organisation NICAP, which Keyhoe led, had CIA operatives hidden within the ranks, as the Freedom of Information Act has since revealed. The CIA took a keen interest in UFO groups both as a means of psychological manipulation of public perceptions, and as a handy cover for flights of  clandestine air technology, such as the U2 spyplane and various experimental exotic aircraft. In other words, disinformation.

Keyhoe presents himself as a calm, well spoken man with a thoughtful, logical approach to what was at the time, a very new and perplexing phenomenon.

Hancock On Pre Ice Age Civilisation

Graham Hancock at his finest.

Lunar Anomalies: The Vitally Object Analysed


Image result for moon

Take a good look at the links above and you will find a staggering resource of images that suggest everything is not as tranquil and barren on our lunar satellite as NASA would have us believe. For decades now, researchers like George H. Leonard, Colin Wilson and Richard Hoagland and more recently, David Ice, have been highlighting strange facts about the Moon and artificial looking objects photographed on the surface.

Issue #45 of Uncensored features one of the more obvious anomalies in the form of tracks made by some tall, highly reflective object (a boulder say NASA) that resolutely travels up and down hills, avoiding gullies, while other rocks remain unmoving. Bear in mind these pics were taken decades ago. Something of ours from a secret space program? Something extreterrestrial, from some other place or indigenous to the Moon?

Take a look, and share your thoughts and theories with us!























Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky?



Scotland Now Receives 40 Percent Of Its Power From Renewables

Scotland, a land renowned for whiskey, haggis,

annoying the Roman empire to the point that Emperor Hadrian built a wall to keep them out

and two millennia later providing Mel Gibson with a film that won five Oscars,

is now emerging as a world champion in yet another area – renewable energy.

Article here

Venezuelan Vice President ~ Chavez Was Attacked With This Illness

French (& U.S.) Neo Colonialism At Work


[ A pawn poses next to some French fighter jets …

…  …   ppossibly pondering how he’s going to personally benefit from all of this ]

Author and publicist F. William Engdahl says Mali’s turning into a geopolitical battleground

– in a war for the region’s resources.

[ … because greedy, money-grubbing Takers from the other side of the planet ~ don’t care who they kill ]

Congo’s M23 Conflict: Rebellion Or Resource War?

M23 rebels in DR Congo

have threatened to march to the capital and depose the government.

UN reports confirm that rebels receive support from key US allies in the region,

and Washington’s role in the conflict has become difficult to ignore.


Mali & The Scramble For Africa

The French military intervention into Mali on Friday

mali french air force

— France’s second in as many years into a former African colony —

was reportedly “seconded” by the United States.


This ought to come as no great surprise,

given the Pentagon’s deepening penetration into Africa.

According to the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM),

the Pentagon plans on deploying soldiers to 35 different African countries in 2013.

Read the rest here