Iceland ~ How To Beat The Bankers

The tiny Nordic European island country of Iceland

is presently experiencing one of the greatest economic comebacks of all time.

After the privatization of the banking sector completed in 2000,

the economy was thrown into a tailspin when

over a five-year period,

private bankers borrowed 120 billion dollars (10 times the size of Iceland’s economy).

A huge economic bubble was created,

causing house prices to double,

and making a small percentage of Iceland’s population rich enough to buy up overseas investments, mansions, yachts, and private jets,

while leaving an absolutely unpayable debt for all Icelanders.

Iceland was facing national bankruptcy.

In response to the failed banking system, in October 2008,

Iceland’s revolution against this financial tyranny began,

rather casually in the street,

in front of the Icelandic general assembly.

In the duration of five months,

the main bank of Iceland was nationalized,

government officials were forced to resign,

the old government was liquidated,

and a new government was put in its place.

By March 2010,

Iceland’s people voted to deny payment of the 3,500 million Euro debt created by the bankers,

and about 200 high-level executives and bankers responsible for the economic crisis in the country

were either arrested or were facing criminal charges.


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