V for Vendetta, a thriller film produced in 2005 about a near-future dystopian society, previously censored in China, was aired on China Central Television Station (CCTV) Channel Six on December 14, 2012. Many people are surprised by the screening, in particular the mask of V, which has been used by […]

Vaccine Industry In a Panic… Over Pending UN Removal of Mercury in Vaccine Action… Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen Monday, December 17th,  2012 More Articles About Vaccine Issues The Attack on Mark and David Geier… Why Was The Word-Wide Vaccine industry So Panicked Over The Geiers Addressing the UNEP […]

The birthrate among Ethiopians in Israel decreased by a dramatic 50% in the last decade, and Israeli journalist Gal Gabai wanted to know why. She investigated the issue for “Vacuum,” her documentary series on Israeli Educational Television, and she discovered some things that left her very uncomfortable ~ and will […]

PROGRAMMED Killers!  No other human would go to such an extreme effort to kill that many children. Human natures is such that the ugly truth is often denied.  Only if the real killers of JFK, RFK, MLK were brought to justice would the real deranged criminals behind these atrocities be […]