John Stansfeild ~ The Dancing Gardner


We want to make growing food easy, fast, sustainable and an act of rebellion.

The defining moment of the industrial revolution

was the transformation of the household

from a unit of production

to a unit of consumption

 – and then the inevitable enslavement.

Eat better than slaves, grow your own !

– and outlive your masters.

Videos :

The dancing gardener project began with the transformation of an ordinary suburban house on a main street to a food forest, without big bucks or back breaking toil.

The second episode introduced the pot maker converting useless supermarket fliers into cunning plant pots which avoid transplant shock

Responding to the urban viewers who lacked land – John launched Bucket gardening in “Listen up hippies, ya can’t garden with your mouth!”

In episode 4

John exhorts us to Jailbreak the land by occupying the road reserve and unwanted or underutilised public land.

The wily music and charasmatic camera skills of brother Baz combine with the wit and wisdom of the dancing gardener to create a route to good fun sustainable living.

Alongside this are products to help you successfully feed the street.

The dancing gardener project was born when the worlds of social enteprenuer and sustainability geek John Stansfield

( who could not dance his way out of a paper bag )

and Mad Bad Bazz Caitcheon, musician, filmaker, trainer, activist and unicycle coach,


Amidst the fallout,

after the smoke had cleared and the sirens wailed off into the distance

the dancing gardener project emerged.

What we wanted was to make food gardening the little black dress of the decade.

Fun and hip and accessible.

Dancing Gardener Brand, BS You can trust!

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