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Blows Against Big Pharma and Its Vaccine Culture Fortress
Catherine J. Frompovich, Contributor Activist Post

Do you hear it happening? Do you hear the emerging discontent within the infrastructure that, up-until-now, Big Pharma was capable of preventing from happening around their ‘sacred cows’—vaccines and pharmaceuticals, aka legal drugs? How many prescription drugs are senior citizens prescribed and how many vaccines do infants receive in their first year of life? All are destined to become legal ‘druggies’ from the beginning to the end of their lives.

If you are not aware, some within medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are coming out of the closet about vaccines. They are becoming conscious struck, and thankfully so. It seems the children’s story with the Emperor’s New Clothes story line is just too much for many, who know factual science and medicine, to keep swallowing like the Kool Aid Jim Jones mandated his followers take—even to their deaths.

Personally, this author applauds those who come forth with information that will enlighten a heretofore misled healthcare consumer due to Big Pharma’s influence in media and government because of its tremendous wealth. As the old adage goes, “Money can buy anything” apparently applies. Money can buy congressional votes, media exposure and, inadvertently or purposefully, mislead consumers and parents who believe the ‘Kool Aid-type’ mandates regarding pharmacological products, e.g., prescription drugs—just listen to radio and TV ads—and vaccine/vaccination ads!

Such advertisements should be banned just like tobacco and alcohol ads, I suggest. Why should consumers be telling their doctors what to prescribe? What do you think is the ‘top killer’ in the USA? Tobacco with 529,000 deaths followed in third place by alcohol abuse deaths totaling 107,400? Are you inquisitive as to the number two killer in the USA? It’s medical errors with 118,021 deaths.

With all the talk about gun violence, no one seems to want to take a look at the violence that is being perpetrated in the name of science—pseudo science often—with fraudulent studies promoting cancer research favorably, pharmaceutical drugs that have to be recalled, and vaccines like they are a gold standard of health when, in reality, they contribute to many of society’s ills, in this author’s opinion.

Did you know that the Annals of Oncology recently published a study that shows frequent bias in published breast cancer trials? That 67% of the 164 phase III trial data showed bias in reporting toxicity rates for trials published between 1995 and 2011?

Children commit heinous crimes often while taking psychotropic prescription drugs or when coming off them. More and more children are being diagnosed as bipolar so, eventually, they will become lifelong drug customers and legal drug addicts at the prescription-writing hands of psychiatrists, who really can’t prove psychiatry scientifically via standard medical testing.

Applause must be given for medical doctor Jack Christie, a Houston, Texas, city council member at large who said, “I’m going to vote against this [federal money for childhood vaccinations]. You don’t die from the flu,” Dr. Christie asserts. Moreover, he probably shocked everyone with this statement,

The average person does not have the knowledge of physiology, immunology, anatomy, anything that understands how the human body works. Natural immunity is the best prevention. [1]


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