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  1. Pretty controversial fellow this Godfrey Bloom:

    Not so sure I can join him in congratulating the French for bombing the Rainbow Warrior. Greenpeace have been doing their utmost to defend our waters from Anadarko and their like and I have a lot of respect for them. Signed their anti-drilling/fracking petition last year actually.
    Despite agreeing with his comments on the Banksters, GB just lost a few points on other matters. Oh, well…

  2. Whoa! That vid just disappeared before my eyes…now just shows “internal server error”. What happened Admin?

  3. An honest politician!? I like this Godfrey Bloom guy. Good find Gerard. Must look this guy up & see what else he has to say. Almost in the “too good to be true” category. He must be due to have an “accident” or a heart attack…?
    “hate topic” Ivor? What? GB’s my kinda guy. Calls a spade a spade and a banker a crook….

  4. Good one Gerard .. very droll .. and wow wonders will never cease .. a MEP discussing a forbidden antisemetic hate topic .. now I know how we can be offered 60% off and no interest for 3 years .. but shhss that is a hate topic ..

  5. If anyone is looking for intelligent discussion I’m here most nights. Let’s claim back Uncensored from Ivor the Mighty Troll-Hunter.
    What do you want to discuss folks? Chemtrails, HAARP, UFOs, current events, Geopolitics, 911, or whatever else you want, free of insults and smears. All viewpoints welcome!

  6. Hacked huh? I don’t suppose you know what the motive or origin of these hacks was? Or was it just a random act of vandalism?

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