Uncensored Interview Reveals Lord Monckton Involved In Chemtrails/Geoengineering Cover Up



On April the 7th, Jon Eisen, the editor of Uncensored magazine, interviewed Lord Christopher Monckton on camera. The film, which is currently being edited, will be released online soon said Eisen, and it reveals that the man who said he was a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher is playing an active role in the chemtrail/geoengineering cover up.

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24 thoughts on “Uncensored Interview Reveals Lord Monckton Involved In Chemtrails/Geoengineering Cover Up

  1. Oh, almost forgot to thank you for the “intimate” youtube clip. Made me smile. Nice one and good to see Icke leads a relatively ‘down to Earth’ existence when he’s at home. So much Jesse Ventura’s claims!

  2. Blake, thanks for your reply,
    Regarding my labelling you an “Icke fan”, sorry, no offense intended. I’m merely an occasional reader of Ickes books, whereas I have the impression you are more deeply involved, and I called upon your input based upon this assumption. I thought you might be able to shed some light on the subject, that’s all.
    With respect to Icke’s supportive comments about Monckton, in no way do I wish to imply that there is any suggestion of a ‘shady’ connection between these guys. Who knows, maybe Icke has seen Jon Eisen’s interview and had second thoughts?
    And yes, I’d rather have a cup of Tea with David Icke than some eccentric upperclass Lord too.
    Tea with David Icke? That would be interesting indeed…..

  3. Gets confusing doesn’t it Jane? Who’s working for who…and what’s the real agenda…or are there several agendas?
    David Icke supports Monckton in his book “The Lion Sleeps no More” which was published in 2010, so maybe he’s done an ‘about-face’ since then? To be honest it’s not often I go on Icke’s website.
    How about it Blake? You’re an Icke fan. Got any input for us?

    1. Waiting for a reply about info confirming or denying the connection, if any, at present with Icke and monckton. I think that people change their minds about others the more they learn about them. Don’t we all. My gut tells me not to completely trust the lord monckton and that he is likely an elitist and a judgmental man who is gaining financially from big oil ==>> etc ! ! . . . . . He seems to be a British snob and if he was that close to maggie thatcher , knowing all that we do now about her economic and Britain damaging reign, than that is an obvious black mark against him and tells us much. Both maggie and monckton were closely connected to corporate power/greed and hidden agendas. Big oil supports him and pays him for his speeches. Likely it is a mutually gratifying arrangement with many secrets. David Icke, on the other hand, does not back any oil or any other unethical avenue and regularly exposes the horrifying behavour of european members of parliamen. Icke is not paid to spew untruths for big bucks. He has every right to change his mind about monckton. If I had to sit down and share tea and cake and discuss world matters with anyone, I would choose the integrity and knowledge and intellect of David Icke way ! way ! over monckton any day and in a quick minute. I would not pay a cent or drove a kilometre to go and hear monckton but I have heard Icke speak in person. Will let you know what I hear back about any ? Icke / monckton connection as I am curious too. By the way Martin, I take much with a grain of salt and am not that much of a fan of many people at all right now. I just appreciate those who call a spade a spade and put out a vibe of trust and genuine caring and love.
      I do not appreciate being labeled a fan of anyone and you have insisted on putting me in someones camp and I am in no ones camp. I follow the beat of a different drummer than most people and I appreciate Icke just as I appreciate a few others as well. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. Well if David Icke champions Monckton, but Chris Everard in his doco “Lady Die” claims that Monckton AND his family are MI5 or MI6, can’t remember which … Now Everard has had Icke in his documentaries but obviously they don’t agree on this, so what’s the go Monckton? And if you are so supportive that man made climate change is a hoax, and that is obvious to many of us, then why are you protecting the geo-engineers who are wrecking the planet? What is the truth about Monckton?

  5. What is Ethylene Dibromade (EDB)? It is an insectiside and fungicide, with some nasty carcinogenic effects. Can it generate spectacular rainbows when sprayed into the atmosphere? I intend to find out.
    Assuming for the moment that those chemtrails contain EDB, why would anyone do this?
    Lets say, hypothetically, that there was a big corporation in the foodstuffs business that sold and marketed GM products. “Better than nature” they might say. And of course they can copyright the stuff as it’s uniquely modified. Trouble is, people still want to buy natural. They mistrust anything that has been ‘tampered with’.Some, horror upon horror, even GROW THEIR OWN PRODUCE!!!
    So what’s a corporation to do? Sabotage the opposition of course. In this case, nature is the ‘opposition’.
    In order for plants to grow in natural conditions, they need sunlight. So let’s diminish the sunlight with Barium Titanate, sulphur, Aluminium oxide etc to make a sunscreen…all in the name of combating man-made climate change of course. What else? Oh, yes. Insects. Bees, earthworms and all that. Better add some EDB to that brew.
    So what if this stuff gives people headaches and respitory issues? Our buddies in Big Pharma will benefit.
    Could something like this be really happening? What about the logistics? Who’s doing the chemtrailing and what’s the tie-in with the GM industry? Are the majority of contrails really just water vapour, and only a few, like the ‘rainbow’ jobs the ‘real deal’ chemtrail..or are there several diferent varieties of chemtrail. Some with insecticide brews, and others more like what I’ve investigated before with military uses, HAARP etcetera?

  6. Going back to the subject of EDB chemtrails. I feel there may be a ‘dot’ to join here with the GM food/Monsanto issue….back this evening with my speculations….

  7. From spaceweather.com:POSSIBLE CME IMPACT ON MAY 17: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hurled into space by the X1-flare of May 15th might deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on May 17th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of polar geomagnetic storms when the cloud arrives. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras tonight. Aurora alerts: text, voice.

    QUIET BUT POTENT: Sunspot AR1748 has been relatively quiet for the past 24 hours, prompting NOAA forecasters to lower the daily odds of X-flares to 50%. The active region still has a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for strong explosions. There’s an even chance that some of that pent-up energy will be released today.

  8. Your comment about Chinese Milkmen (very funny) gave me a clue Ivor. Remember those spam messages that bombarded the site? Not milkmen. Did seem distinctly Chinese though.

  9. Spaceweather alert. M class solar flares on the way, and a 40% change of X flares! So far we dodged the bullet, all the way through 2012. The usual advice: maybe nothing will happen, but be prepared for the possibility of power outages..and some pretty auroras in the night sky!

  10. It seems we have our own Chemtrail-denier here in Christchurch. Check out Clare Swinney’s site: Ken Ring is back and now he’s made it his mission to refute man-made weather modification (geoengineering).

    1. More on the “rainbow chemtrail” subject. I was on Clare Swinney’s site yesterday and was tipped off about something called Ethylene Dibromade that supposedly makes these particular trails. As time permits I will follow up on this and present my findings.

  11. Hi Gerard. “Original thought”? There is an old saying, “there is nothing really new under the sun….”
    Look at the great civilisations of the past. Some of them accomplished things that seem baffling to us, so they obviously reached a high level of sophistication, and there seems to be more and more evidence of a former great culture now lost to history. But all of them, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, all went into decay and collapse. Our own Western culture is a short-lived one by comparison, yet it does seem headed for a rapid demise. It would seem though, that this demise has been at least partly engineered.
    Regarding people and their beliefs, yes, I agree, most people are held prisoner by their ‘beliefs’, unable or unwilling to explore alternatives or look for knowledge and answers which may require them to modify their world-view. Most people seem highly polarised, black or white, pro or anti Climate Change (or vaccines or whatever else) but I find things are rarely so simple. There are usually “shades of grey”.
    Tying this back in to your question “how long ago was it that western civilisation became so uncivilised”, as a younger man I used to think that we were the “good guys” in WW2, before I read about Churchill’s desire to use gas, anthrax etc. on the German civilian population. Not military targets, but innocent women and children. Sure the Nazis carried out some evil acts…but were Britain and the US really much better I wonder?
    The absolute truth? I think you are correct, Gerard, that we cannot know absolute truth while encapsulated in our mortal bodies. The “point” I think Gerard, is to learn all that you can learn and use what you learn to the best of your ability. To share what you have learned that others may benefit and also offer their own knowledge in return. Isn’t that what this website is all about? “Think for Yourself”.
    There may not be anything truly “new” under the sun, but there are always mysteries to solve and things to learn and share. And hopefully we make the world a better place as a result.

  12. Hi Martin. I visit once and a while. I watch the continued downhill rush of western civilization to destruction. I wonder how long ago it was that western civilization became so uncivilized. I wonder why our society is composed mostly of sleepwalkers, mesmerized by words, images, illusions implanted in their consciousness by others. I wonder how original “original thought” can actually be. I have encounter after encounter with others where they think what “they think” is true, much like I did long ago, but who have no interest in trying to find out if they merely hold beliefs. The entrapment of their attention seems complete. I wonder if it is possible for consciousness to realize truth while entombed in these dense vessels, with their imperfect sensory mechanisms, incapable of ever actually apprehending what is real. I wonder what can be “known”. I wonder if there is a point, and what that might be.

  13. If anyone cares to comment feel free. This ‘aint a one-man show. Where’s everyone gone Scott?

  14. David Icke champions this Monkton guy as a hero. Now he’s a “baddie” because he doesnt tow the chemtrail line. Funny how quickly the good guys are “exposed” as misinfo agents and trolls and whatnot. Hmmm!

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