Dirty Doings in Christchurch



The image bespeaks of the current game plan .. we must remember that Mossad were here in Christchurch at the time of the Earthquake .. and this under suspicious circumstances .. i.e. Israel obviously had foreknowledge but the subsequent bungling as some Israeli,s died was appalling ..

The incident where the search team stated .. the bodies were exactly where we thought they would be .. well yes Mossad .. of course Mossad .. GPS Mossad GPS .. and then we had the extraordinary story of the families of the victims hiring this search team which given all the expenses to fly such a team in would have involved a lot of shekels .. say circa $500,000 NZ ..

All the parents had to do was to contact the NZ Police who would have speedily located the bodies and this for free .. and I would hasten to suggest that would be the actions of the man in the street .. but no we have all of the extra time involved not to mention horrific expense and the subsequent verbal abuse of New Zealand by this so called  search xpert.

There are many more questions that will need to be asked .. but what is known is that an Israeli morgue team had access to the police computer .. so what did they do .. Nothing ? .. plant a trojan ? .. suck the data base dry ? ..

more to follow and would be grateful for any helpful input.



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  1. Someone called hcgai is complaining it’s hard to get into the contrail site Rob. Never had any issues myself, but apparently there’s a tricky entry question for new members? No doubt we’ll be in touch, I’ll continue to check in on Uncensored on a regular basis. Cheers, MH.

  2. thanks for that and yes I will check out the contrail site. Yes these plasma balls are quite interesting. I saved about three quarters of that earthquake thread to a memory stick but can’t find it anywhere. There was a heap of information in that thread, shame. Anyway thanks again

  3. Hey Rob, I still look on Uncensored every now and then, but spend most of my time on “the CONtrail” which is more focussed on my areas of interest. Check it out sometime Rob.
    The reason you can’t find the thread you’re looking for mate is because it was all lost when the site was hacked.
    Were you looking for the one about HAARP generating a ball of plasma (shortly before they shut off access to the magnetometer and made it all secret)?, or what is the pdf about HAARP plasma mirrors and beam-steering?
    Quite timely you should ask as “plasma manifestations” were everywhere during that big storm the other day, not to mention ball-lightning.
    Give me a few minutes I’ll rustle up some links.

  4. Martin Harris, if you are still around, I’m looking for a link you posted in that big earthquake thread about plasma manifestation in atmosphere. Do you still have the link or point me in right direction. Can’t seem to find that thread.
    Thanks rob.

  5. That’s the big question Ivor. What did they acheive by accessing the cop database. This is where I hit a brick wall on the Mossad story. 2 years down the track, and the nut is still not cracked.
    I still keep looking though.

  6. There also appears to be 2 different power groups operating in NZ .. one that tries at all turns to sell us out and the other one protective .. as an example of the protective ..

    the fortuitous apprehension by our SAS of a group of suspicious Israeli,s lurking around the police station .. no doubt hoping for a quick easy access ..

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