4 thoughts on “Building 7

  1. On the thread subject…
    I still feel that WTC7 is the strongest piece of evidence that the “official story” is baloney.
    The clip of the reporter claiming that the structure has collapsed when it’s still standing in the background is rather surreal.

  2. Thanks for the info, admin. Good to know security is beefed..I note the spam has disappeared.
    “A couple were quarantined” oooh! you’ve aroused my curiosity…..

    1. The reason you have issues is because our security is now much stronger. Everybody will require approval of their 1st comment (as of the reset). You’ll also find any comment that looks like spam i.e. contains certain key words etc… will be automatically held for moderation approval.

      So far Martin has over 100 approved comments – only a couple were quarantined…

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