12 thoughts on “UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE By Canadian Minister of Defence

  1. Bla, if you took the trouble to check my link on this “guy risking his reputation” you’ll find he has had a reputation for being a “UFO enthusiast” for many years.(see my post above, june 8). He has no reputation to risk. I mean, in 1967 he “officially inaugurated” a UFO landing pad……

  2. this is a guy risking his reputation to talk about something he strongly believes is true. Why not further explore it? It seems some are so desperate to knock any conspiracy because they are afraid to shatter their world perception.

  3. Woa! Hold on there Rolando! NEVER did I say I don’t beleive in extraterrestrials! Quite the opposite.
    Let me get this clear: I believe the universe is teeming with life. Have extraterrestrials visited Earth? Possibly. Probably. Are ‘they’ here now? Possibly.
    Is there good solid evidence to back up my beliefs? Unfortunately, no. But I’m sure that will come in good time.
    What about the scenario being spread by the likes of Richard Doty, John Lear and co? Utter bollocks.
    Why would aliens thousands of years ahead of us technologically need to co-operate with our governments for any reason at all? Do the USAF ask permission from the tribal chiefs of PNG to overfly their territory? Do you think “flying saucers” and UFOs represent alien visitation?
    Even now our own militaries possess radar invisibility and are well down the track of optical invisibility.
    As I have demonstrated we have had “flying disc” technology since at least the 1950’s…and it isn’t even secret. Quite possibly, Field-Dependant Propulsion Technology (antigrav) exists in the ‘black’ and we know military contractors in the states have been working on it for a long time.
    So…aliens visiting the earth would be way ahead of this stuff.
    My other issue is with the physiology of the “aliens”. They are distinctly anthropomorphic. Humanoid.
    They seem to breath our atmosphere, they walk in our gravity, see in our light wavelength and are happy in our temperature. OK, I suppose it’s possible that there’s another near-identical “earth” out there, but the likelihood of humanoids developing there on a parralell course with our own technology and culture?
    Seems unlikely to me.
    Belief in extraterrestrials and claims of EVIDENCE of extraterrestrials are two completely different things Rolando. I have been interested in the subject of UFOs for many years, and have learned to be very wary and skeptical.

  4. So the non believers of extraterrestrials. Are greedy stupid enough to think that of the earth is the only planet in the whole of the universe that supports life. Talk about self denial.

  5. Congratulations to the mainstream media for NOT reporting this garbage!

  6. This is just the same old nonsense being regurgitated again. Linda Muolton Howe has produced no evidence to back up her wild stories..stories she was given by a certain Richard C. Doty, a well known government disinfo. agent.
    Where were Silverbug and Y2 Manta developed? Canada. The first ‘modern’ UFO sightings by Kenneth Arnold…flying wing type objects headed in the direction of Canada. There is not a single shred of evidence of the ‘alien’ scenario.
    This guy talks about global warming..paradigm religious unity..and all of course in the face of an “alien threat” against which we must all unite. HELLO! can you say PROJECT BLUE BEAM??

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