Crisis actor auditions?


Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 12.26.01 PMCrisis Actors Needed For Coming Political Events, Al, Ca, Co, Wi, IIF Data Solutions Now Hiring! (Video)

Many people do not believe that crisis actors exist or could possibly be used in the recent events such as Boston Bombings or Sandy Hook. Well here is just one organization that provides these crisis actors to the Federal, State, and Local Governments.

Does the IIF recruitment of new actors indicate that there are more false flag events in America’s future?



One thought on “Crisis actor auditions?

  1. OK so these “crisis actors” are hired for training exercises. Presumably they could also be used for “real” terrorist attacks, disasters etc. You’d have to be very sure none of them were going to give the game away.
    What evidence do we have that this may have actually happened? 911, Boston, Sandy Hook etc ?
    Does anyone have evidence to link actors from IFF or elsewhere to these events?

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