10 thoughts on “Generation Rx – Psychiatric Medications CAUSE Chemical Imbalance and Mental Illness

  1. Thanks for the link Busby. Fortunately we have a pretty good doc, and he does take into account lifestyle, fitness, mental health etc..AND he doesn’t believe in “overmedicating” the kids. Even does a bit of accupuncture.
    However, I have certainly encountered a few “I think I’m God” types along the way.
    My personal view on medicine is that you utilise whatever works for you. I believe in freedom of choice (which why I oppose fluoridation, for instance) You like homeopathic remedies? Natural medicine? If it works, why not?
    I also encourage people to question doctors who are not forthcoming with info on their treatments. Why am I using this? Are there alternatives? Are there side effects etc.

  2. Thanks for the pointers and balanced, sensible civilised reply Busby. Seems to be a rarity these days, everyone seems to have a personal agenda to push or “know” the answers already. I’ll certainly follow up on Breggins (add to reading list!). Keep up the good work and objective attitude mate, MH.

  3. No problem Martin – I better understand where you’re coming from, now.

    “to correct a chemical imbalance” – you might one day (if it is of any continuing interest to you) have a look for the actual ‘science’ behind that line of thinking. (For eg, from a methodological perspective, on a case-by-case basis, how is such an ‘imbalance’ determined and specifically measured in the first place, and with what medical tests, and how does that inform initial and continuing treatment, how is ‘success’ or treatment progress actually measured and over what time frames, and what foundation of scientific evidence is that modality based upon in the first instance, and, what scientific evidence – short or long term – is there to support the efficacy and safety of the use of multiple medications?) In the mean time, Peter Breggin’s book ‘Medication Madness’ is a very good read and overview of this field. (there are no doubt many other short articles as well, but Dr Breggin makes particularly interesting reading given his medical background as a psychiatrist, as well as his experience as a medical witness in legal proceedings.)

    I don’t provide a ‘take’ on any subject as such, as to me that might be construed as an attempt to influence someone else, as opposed to understanding their position. What opinions another chooses to hold is their concern! So, I merely ask Qs, and the ones above are offered collegially and not with an expectation that you come rushing back with an armful of quick answers. As you relate, your life seems pretty busy already :- )

    Thank you for your responses ūüôā

  4. Only anecdotal based on personal experience Busby. It’s not an area I’ve delved into to any great degree. A working Dad with three demanding youngsters and too many interests and hobbies on the go can only cover so much territory!
    All I can tell you is that I know someone who has benefited from careful management of medication when all else failed. I watched this person sliding into a pit of depression and seen them climb back out, and without the assistance of medication to correct a chemical imbalance this simply would not have happened. I do not say it was the medication alone, but it certainly played a vital part.
    …on the other hand, I have seen people transformed into “zombies” by psych. meds. So, this is why I say “may cause” not “does cause”.
    Certainly during the 60’s and 70’s there were some horrific cases of people being misdiagnosed and ending up institutionalised. I have even read of cases of psych. nurses encouraging mothers on meds to give some to their children to “calm” them. One could also cite the well known case of our own Clare Swinney, incarcerated as mentally unbalanced because she believed 911 was an “inside job”.
    To some up, Busby I repeat that I only have personal experience and anecdotal evidence to go on.
    What’s your ‘take’ on the subject?

  5. Depends on the specific medication and what it’s being used to treat, Busby. Look, I’m no doctor nor expert of any kind on these matters, so I can only go on personal experience. I’ve seen psych. meds do some awful damage, and also seen people who have benefited. Which particular drugs were you interested in discussing Busby? I suggest you do what I do when I want to know what is claimed to do what and the pros and cons: Look it up!

  6. “I would ammend the statement to ‚Äúpsychiatric Medications MAY CAUSE Chemical imbalance‚Ķ‚ÄĚ
    Usually when abused or misprescribed.”

    Perhaps you could kindly explain then how such medications actually work…

  7. I would ammend the statement to “psychiatric Medications MAY CAUSE Chemical imbalance…”
    Usually when abused or misprescribed.

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