Stop the proposal that may delete Naturopathy


aUvQasFiEexpGBy-556x313-noPadHere we go again, folks! Looks as though the notorious TGA (Australia) is trying to force through its agenda to ban or at least eviscerate natural medicine in Australia. Big Pharma hates competition, especially the sort that has logic and REAL science on its side. Your help is urgently needed to help reverse this assault on us all, and to pave the way toward a saner vision of healthcare, one that actually helps to cure people rather than profit from their chronic illnesses. – Ed.

Urgent call to action (TODAY!!!)


The TGA is seeking to stop Australian Naturopaths receiving advertising about therapeutic supplements, (or potentially, advising about or prescribing the products to their clients). (Consultation Regulation Impact Statement. Regulating the advertising of therapeutic goods to the general public Version 4.6, May 2013 – Proposal 6). This may effectively delete the industry, since such products form the basis of Naturopaths providing safe and successful treatment for their clients, as well as maintaining financial viability in the market place.

The premise for such action? Despite degree-level, science-based tertiary Naturopathic education, the TGA quotes that they cannot be sure Naturopaths are qualified to give such information or prescriptions. The alternative? Hand over such prescribing to other health professionals registered under Australia’s NRAS (National Registration and Accreditation Scheme). This includes podiatrists, dental hygienists and a range of other professionals typically non-qualified to give such advice and prescriptions.

This is an issue of threat to public safety, loss of freedom of choice in healthcare and injustice to the naturopathic industry, despite the industry performing a vital role in maintaining people’s health without costing the public health system a cent. Note that naturopaths typically receive rigorous education in Australia prior to qualification, and are subject to ongoing annual educational standards and regulatory measures via their professional organisations.

The TGA has proposed this regulatory change with no apparent general media release, a minimal time for the public to respond (by July 19th 2013), and across both a holiday period and end of financial year (against their own reform principles). Your support of this petition is necessary and urgent (TODAY!), as well as greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Stop the proposal that may delete Naturopathy

  1. Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting to the change/org site to vote.
    All I get is Loading-stop-loading-stop etc every time. Wonder if Aus Gov has anything to do with it.

  2. I will gladly give support to keeping our Naturopaths. I have been treated by this alternate form of medecine and have learned more about my health and my body than I ever did from any medical Doctor.

    To most Doctors (I won’t say all Doctors because I have had a few good ones, but they are very few and far between) a patient is just a number and they have their prescription pad out before you finish telling them what is wrong. We rely on medical doctors to give us advice on our health and well being but these days this advice is the last thing you get from an expensive visit to even a local Medical Centre.
    I worry terribly for my children and grandchildren. What will their world be like without the choices we have now.

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