5 thoughts on “Google Has Yet To Explain YouTube Block

  1. There is a tremendous amount of “True” information and reporting provided by PressTV that is shared with You Tube. The schizophrenic and paranoia of the Muslim controlled White House, Obama-Soetoro of course, forbids any real, truthful, honest news to reach the American and global communities. Google, just as Mainstream Media, take their marching orders from their wanta be dictator Obama.

    Not surprised. Dump Google!!!!

  2. I feel the very same way about Bill O’Reilly.

    His ‘wild inaccurate assumptions’

    helped cheerlead the west into a war that has ruined the lives of millions.

    The blood on that guy’s hand’s is just unbelievable.

    1. OReilly is in it just for the money that feeds his Ego trips. Very unreliable very unethical source for truth in reporting. I disconnected FOX years ago when they started pandering to Obama-Soetoro the illegal Kenyan Muslim immigrant.

  3. Hopefully the staff at you-tube keep this one man and his soul-stunting half truth reporting off you-tube forever. He has posted videos for years that most are wild inaccurate assumptions. The worst part of his work is that his audience bought his line of bullshit for a long time.

    1. Yeah, right. Just like the Bullshit that we are fed from the Obama controlled Main Stream Media. You must be as paranoid as the government. Broaden your mentality and learn from various sources then connect all the dots. You might be surprised from what you learn. Don’t believe everything from everybody.

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