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Syria War Propagandists Debunked ~ Weapons of Mass Distraction

10 comments on “Syria War Propagandists Debunked ~ Weapons of Mass Distraction

  1. JennyG says:

    The whole truth and nothing but the truth coming from RT, smash the box.
    The rest of the lying rats who pretend they have our safety at heart, can go to hell.
    They will anyway.

  2. Chris Peters says:

    John Kerry is a puppet of the elite, He is, no doubt a masonic puppet of the Elite Corporate Control driving Politics and public opinion through the same main stream media brain washing machine. X employers of the U.S. have already stated all Attacks on U.S. soil are CIA operations covert to the official story. People in power are coming forward.

  3. Blake says:

  4. JennyG says:

    Blake, I watched the video you posted, and really it explains very well, what is going on in Syria…
    Hope many watch this.
    Could really turn the tide.

  5. ewingsc says:

    Yep – great clip Blake.

    Nice find.

  6. rob says:

    Here is a clip of a guy who seemed to know what was going on back in May

    And here is a clip with the UN saying it is not the Syrians but perhaps the rebels. This is not about the chem attacks that have the war drums beating at the moment. It’s about prior gas attack reports, before the latest ones, also posted back in May

  7. Blake says:

    Very interesting reading about the other side and their statements and purposes and just MORE PLAIN OUT RIGHT PROPAGANDA AND ATTEMPTS AT MIND CONTROL Makes my stomach turn a bit.

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