Over 2,500 People Killed By US Drone Strikes In Pakistan



Most Americans don’t realize that their government is currently killing people in dozens of different countries.

The mainstream media has told everyone that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have come to an end,

and that the US government has no other military involvements overseas.

However, in most areas of the middle east and Africa,

the CIA, US military, and NATO

are chasing down people with drones

and killing thousands of people indiscriminately.

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One thought on “Over 2,500 People Killed By US Drone Strikes In Pakistan

  1. The latest round of leaked documents from Edward Snowden

    reveals a secret unit of the NSA that was designed to process the communications of certain targeted individuals.

    The complete lawlessness of the NSA,

    the drone program,

    and everything that the military-industrial-surveillance complex is involved with

    continues to become more obvious with each new revelation.

    Article and video here

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