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Building 7: The Story The Times Missed


A short video about the recent billboard campaign in Times Square, Manhattan.


2 comments on “Building 7: The Story The Times Missed

  1. Jill Ballard says:


    That is why the New York Times will not report about it – they are owned by one of the biggest Media Companies in the world. These media conglomerates OWN the government. They control EVERYTHING that is reported on every news station in America. Of course building 3 was a controlled demolition, just as there were thermite charges in the Twin Towers, which brought them down. It was not jet fuel that ‘melted the core’ of the buildings. If you watch any video, you will see the explosions below where the planes hit. We are being lied to every single day.

    Do you know that I called the News Desk of my local television station to ask them to do a story about the recent developments of Fukushima and that if just ONE thing goes wrong while they try to clean up reactor number 4, it’s caboom – bye bye West Coast of North America. Do you know what her response was? “I didn’t know about Fukushima”. She didn’t know. The News Desk.


  2. ewingsc says:

    Yep. There’s not a lot of smarts floating around at the news desk level.

    The personal priorities of people working in news institutions are :

    paying their own mortgages, feeding their own kids, and ‘getting a nicer car’

    And “Shut up about 9/11 or lose your job” – seems to be the rule of thumb.

    Many American people still believe a conspiracy theory about a bunch of misfits getting by the most sophisticated military in the world

    because that’s what they are constantly told by the 6 corporations that control the news media.


    And VERY uninspiring.

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