Forcing Fluoridation on NZ – Are the Greens Supporting This?


Green MP Kevin Hague apparently supports this. Please let the Greens know that this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. New Zealand should BAN WATER FLUORIDATION like 90% of Europe and now Israel. What is the problem with the NZ Green Party? Why don’t they support a ban on 1080?? Why don’t they address the issue of Chemtrails?
Let them know what you think! – Jon Eisen, Editor


3 thoughts on “Forcing Fluoridation on NZ – Are the Greens Supporting This?

  1. According to Alex Jones on his radio show on Prison Planet today – 28 Nov 2013, Alex is in discussion with Patrick Wood and together they confirm that David Rockerfeller (working 18 hours) organized his people to fund and finally take over the world’s Green Parties. In this same radio show he is later talking with F. Michael Maloof about government survillence, the NSA etc. I have worked in a lot of developing countries and they are usually crawling with NGO’s while the wives and kids drive around in Toyota Prada 4WD’s on UN or diplomatic plates. Are these do goers there to genuinely help the country or line it up for NWO/Trilateralist exploitation once again.

  2. When we fought against Fluoride in Cairns the past years ( and won at the end – Fl discontinued April 2013) we contacted the Greens. Their comment was: ‘we don’t have a policy on fluoridation’. Well, that says it all, they lost us forever! They proved that they are merely a rent-a-crowd for the Labor party.

  3. I’ve had the same problem in Australia (New South Wales). I’ve repeatedly written to my local member, who is in the Green party. His response was that “most scientific evidence suggests it’s not harmful”. I said “why should me and my children be forcibly medicated”. He then said if I didn’t like it I could purchase a water filter!!! Unbelieveable, I thought the Greens would be the one party to be onto this. I think I might have better luck with the Liberal Party, at least they are respectful of the individual and I think they could not argue against the argument that it’s compulsory medication.

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