OCCIDENTALISATION DU MONDE ~ Le contraire d’une diplomatie de connivence



Westernization of the world ~ The Opposite Of Diplomacy Connivance

The strategy of power that is installed in the West is called naturally Westernization.

This is to ensure that all countries are alike in ideology, psychology and culture

both in the social system and the political system

[ and the debt-based banking system of course ].

In terms of propaganda, uniform brutishness is presented as a highly moral mission, led by a caste, the project managers of the property itself. They embody the pinnacle of civilization, a concentrate of all conceivable virtues. This abysmal stupidity through the new West: elected wealth should lead humanity as human livestock does not know what is good for him. This is sick!

Western mafia *

The Westernization is to destroy everything in other to include them in the area of operation and terror where the mafia traffickers cosmopolitan reign . The role assigned to domestic policies westernized States can meet some of the most spineless of them time until they realize that their role is merely auxiliary.

The Westernization is a complete overhaul of the very foundations of civilized life that had forged countries over time. Leaders at the head of state must demonstrate at least a willingness (as Angela Merkel in Germany) or show a passionate desire to throw himself into the mouth of the beast (like Manuel Barroso in Brussels and Holland Sarkozy in France) . Today, populations affected by westernization should also express gratitude for their liquidation.

While in Europe, the Western juggernaut has already destroyed almost everything, there are few places in the world where the result is not chaos, like Iran and various Asian countries. It is observed that the western mafia is very strong to destroy, but unable to work positively to build the earthly paradise promised. Once countries are disorganized and demoralized, they can be left or delivered to the tormentors themselves whether the most sordid individuals have already achieved levels of management.

David Rothkopf , American journalist covering the Davos meetings propose to call ” superclass ” the gang néantologues occidentalisateurs . It is not easy to define. Superclass includes multinational managers, bankers, oil sheikhs, policy makers (mainly American) and some movie stars or literature (such as the Brazilian Coelho, according to Rothkopf ) . Behind the scenes, also cross religious leaders and drug traffickers who supply the banking sector in dirty money but know that the banksters launder.

This superclass is not stable: there belongs for a few years or for a decade or two and then comes out with, usually, a good “golden parachute” . It is also numerically small: about six thousand people on our planet, including one or two thousand would attend assiduously meetings in Davos or elsewhere. The very small number of members of this superclass reverses the perspective that had formed the previous century, reading Pareto .

It will be recalled that, for Pareto , the relation mass / elite was in a relationship from 80 to 20 %. The elite were respected so strong was about 20 % of a given population. She was tangled in the mass. With Westernization, the mafia of global power is numerically insignificant but much more powerful than the old aristocracies or partitocraties. It is totally cut off from the masses which it determines the fate including the killing possible developments which differ from those which led to the looting. Since the masses and peoples are despised should be replaced by words (freedom, equity …) things vanished (democracy). In this cesspool, intellectual proletariat universities and policy institutes play important role alienation.

New nobility or new bigoted caste?

Badie called a ** attempt to cover this mafia name when aristocracy aristocrat is one who knows fulfill a contract while the super class lies all the time but we want to grow . It is composed of rich people who have never made their lives any scientific discovery or brought anything to the culture. Above all, it spread terror through overstaffing bureaucrats, administrators, politicians of all kinds. For negligible and abilities that are equally efforts, they have a share of wealth quite respectable. And if any company has to live with a number of parasites, the current percentage in westernized countries is particularly high.

In this book of “political science”, everything is transvestite, basely servile. The NATO military structure of terror is presented as a place of transformation of the oligarchy aristocracy. Democracy, which no longer exists since the Inquisition kills humans who think and that the Soviet finance holds all parties, the current regime is proclaimed the best. IMF a group of 5 is detached, as it brings together the finance ministers of the USA, Germany, France, Japan, and Great Britain. The inversion of values is spread throughout 285 pages and applauds the Anglo-Saxon world, supposedly liberal.

Promoting infamy

According to Badie , the world would be run by an oligarchy , a country club , whose hegemony , not always relevant , would be undermined by governance. This would result in a wonderful result for the XXI century. Excluded the band would develop resentment whose expression is observed for example with Iran. Revenge of globalization appears not only on this occasion but also with the opposition North / South, which, however, we observe the irrelevance since the globalitaire gang organized the deportation of people of the wider world to a West that is now sinking in underdevelopment.

The basic need of today is to learn how to manage large groups of people that bourgeois Studies Institutes Panglossiennes can not hear. The Cosmothéonigologie Pangloss has taken the place of the pertine reflection. The West needs places to dump the money created ex nihilo in large quantities, which sell products that are not needed, where to find cheap labor, in short he colonies he must, with at least one essential factor parasitism masters unnecessary finance, and its corollary, the iron discipline of work, unemployment scares employees and renouncing all the values of a different order than the crumbs of Western trash.


Grandiose battles to come. Surprises too. That will long be fooled by the scam as promoted by Bertrand Badie ? Humans who believe know that the Western power violates populations without taking into consideration their tastes or their individual future. Cruelty and inhumanity are the hallmark of this mafia. One day men will rise against the horror.


* Alexandre ZINOVIEV : Perestroika and cons – perestroika. O.Orban 1991 ** Bertrand Badie . Diplomacy connivance Discovery / pocket. 2013.

Auran Derien
the 11/26/2013
modified 26/11/2013 at 18:42 pm


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  1. Western hypocrisy on full display as it backs pro-EU protesters in Ukraine,
    condemns Thai protests against US-backed regime in Thailand.

    When is a protest good, just, progressive, and defensible?

    One might think there was a single answer to this question based on an objective set of metrics.

    But in reality, according to the West,

    protests are only good so long as they serve their interests.

    Ongoing protests in Ukraine and Thailand have both featured protesters

    attempting to storm and hold government buildings.

    Both appear to be preparing lengthy sieges of buildings they are unable to take,

    and both have the goal of ousting the governments in their respective nations.

    However, the West finds one of these noble,

    the other not…

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    Many volumes have been written about the Great Depression of 1929-1941 and its impact on the lives of millions of Americans. Historians, economists and politicians have all combed the wreckage searching for the “black box” that will reveal the cause of the calamity. Sadly, all too many of them decide to abandon their search, finding it easier perhaps to circulate a host of false and harmful conclusions about the events of seven decades ago. Consequently, many people today continue to accept critiques of free-market capitalism that are unjustified and support government policies that are economically destructive.

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