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4 comments on “THE BALL NEXT TO TOWER 2

  1. Jill Ballard says:

    Absolutely shocking. I shared your video with two websites. Then I started watching the movie September Clues on YouTube but then I decided to share September Clues as well. But when I went back to see the movie, it was GONE!

  2. ewingsc says:

    There’s no way that all the multiple angles filmed in Manhattan of the second WTC impact

    could have all been ‘Lucasfilmed’ with CGI planes

    – before they arrived live on global television.

    To do that convincingly take TIME – lots and lots of time.

    I watched the whole shitty episode unfold LIVE on multiple news feeds when I was working for a broadcaster in the U.K.

    – and there’s just no time for jets to be convincingly composited into Every Single One of the multiple angles

    that quickly went to air.

    It assumes Every Single Angle of the second WTC impact (incl those sent out by Japanese and other foreign television crews)

    had to be first ‘doctored digitally’ in some central location or organization

    – before they were then broadcast and seen by anyone around the world.

    This whole ‘no planes’ thing – is a smokescreen

    – designed to divide the 9/11 truth movement and to make it look ridiculous in the eyes of people

    who have not yet looked into the Controlled Demolition of all three WTC buildings.

  3. DC says:

    This is an old video. Richard has changed his views since it came out.
    Here’s a more recent analysis where he retracts his “ball” theory and provides another one.

  4. Jill Ballard says:

    Thank you, DC. Regardless, there was subterfuge by our Government.
    Kind regards, Jill

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