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Federal Reserve ~ 100 Years Of Failure

Researching economic publications on the first century of the Federal Reserve System provides a wealth of financial information that attempts to explain the way the central bank works. Rarely will the academic studies and official reports address the raw nature of a money creation by a private banking monopoly. The common practice of disparaging sources outside government or corporatist business circles, attempts to avoid addressing, much less confronting the plutocracy that controls the debt created money system.

3 comments on “Federal Reserve ~ 100 Years Of Failure

  1. ewingsc says:

    Federal Reserve CAUSES Unpayable Debt, Unemployment, Inflation.

    The Federal Reserve System’s mechanics cause ever-increasing and unpayable debt,

    unemployment, inflation, and high interest rates.

    Ellen Brown is right: it’s time to transform the Fed into a public utility.

    This shift from the Fed being a privately-owned business to maximize its owners’ profits to a public service

    would end the national debt,

    provide full-employment,

    end inflation,

    and have interest rates as a tool to manage money supply and/or pay taxes.

    On the 100th birthday of the Fed, let’s examine their factual mechanics to create what we use for money.

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  2. ewingsc says:

    On The 100th Anniversary Of The Federal Reserve
    Here Are 100 Reasons To Shut It Down Forever

  3. ewingsc says:

    Fed’s 100th birthday: What’s to celebrate – the Great Recession?

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