Mexican Citizen Militia Movement Takes Back City From Knights Templar Cartel

Last week in Nueva Italia, Mexico, heavily armed citizens seized a drug cartel’s bastion, and essentially stood up to defend themselves without the aid of the State. Over 100 pickup trucks filled with citizens ready to defend themselves arrived in the town of Nueva Italia, when they were hit with gunshots from presumed “Knights Templar” cartel members. The citizens were well armed, with AK-47s and bulletproof vests, among other equipment.

The Mexican state of Michoacán’s growing civilian militia took back more communities in recent weeks, continuing the pattern of self-defense that started in the past year or so in Mexico. Having been formed only recently, it seems these citizen militias are quite successfully defending their homes and towns, showing the world an agorist solution to the problems they face.

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Wed Jan 22 , 2014
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