7 thoughts on “I Am a Ukrainian

  1. How did this get to 5 million views in 11 days ?

    What sort of youtube number-lofting hookups do these state dept PR assholes have ?

    And then of course the MSM totally, like, comes in with :

    “Hey, everyone – this youtube clip has had 5 mill views – lets take a look … ”

    So the non-youtube news watching public then leans forward in their chairs

    and squints at the screen – while believing it all.

    Looks like KONY 2012 – Smells like KONY 2012.

    If you see some well-meaning-looking sap putting up earnest-looking

    “Dear God Please Help The Ukraine Before It’s Too Late!” flyer posters

    in your local western world city cafe

    – then corner them and demand some answers.

    They’ve got Canon 7D’s in Palestine. They’ve got make up artists in Palestine.

    5 Million views for some social upheaval like the kind that has been going on in Palestine

    since the end of WWII ?

    It would never happen.

    During the attack on Georgia in 2008 (2,000 killed)

    FOX news was trying to tell you that the Russians fired first

    until they put some Georgians on Live TV – clearly stating otherwise.

    Then FOX couldn’t cut their mics fast enough.

    There’s a pattern at work here – that all looks the same from orbit.

    And it’s a pretty shitty pattern – all about ‘gradualized encroachment’

    ‘managing people’s perceptions’,

    and a movement from regional – to full spectrum dominance.

  2. kony 2012 all over again. guaranteed to disappoint when funding identified. sorry to burst any bubbles………

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