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I Am a Ukrainian

7 comments on “I Am a Ukrainian

  1. 12/31/93 says:

    Very moving video. Tears filled my eyes viewing this.

    Made friends with three Ukrainian young women a month before the US was attacked on September 11th
    by domestic criminals with the help of some foreign ones as well.

    Could not help but think of Yana, Natasha, and Oxana while watching this touching appeal for others around the world to take notice and do whatever possible to raise awareness of what’s happening.

    When the Ukrainians win their freedom [ ]
    wouldn’t it be something if they followed Iceland’s example!

    I wish the people of the Ukraine the very best in their struggle against tyranny,
    and will share this video with others.

  2. haank says:

    kony 2012 all over again. guaranteed to disappoint when funding identified. sorry to burst any bubbles………

  3. 12/31/93 says:

    Was just searching the web for more information on what’s happening in the Ukraine.

    Read some articles at Jeff Rense’s site, and did a search on youtube which led me to this:

    Paul Joseph Watson (webmaster for Alex Jones) is calling this video a scam produced by a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He and Alex have a video up at today discussing other reasons why they believe it’s a “scam.”

    The young woman in the video seemed sincere to me, and that’s why I felt so strongly about commenting on it. The internationalist financial criminals use sincere people, if they can, to further their goals,
    and infiltrate movements that could threaten their power structure.

    Already people are reacting quite harshly, in some cases, toward the young Ukrainian woman on discussion threads. So many angry people quick to vent their frustration and blast someone who may be just honestly speaking out when the price, in her case, could be very costly.

    • bob stanowski says:

      her face well framed by a 85 mm …. um i’m guessing 1.8. nicely done make-up in the middle of a revolt where …. huh?…. what exactly is happening in the background here?….. and the final written plea…… um who? what is democracy? who shall i beg to help her find this democracy? i smell Hillery’s tinkering here. no, i’m wrong. it’s just her stench from previous campaigns.

  4. ewingsc says:

    Gerald weighs in with some nouse :

  5. ewingsc says:

    The video is meant to push the idea that the Ukrainian revolt is grass roots,

    but its origins can be traced back to the U.S. State Department

    according to this :

    Hope they’re not hoping for the same kind of freedom and democracy Iraq and Afghanistan got.

  6. ewingsc says:

    How did this get to 5 million views in 11 days ?

    What sort of youtube number-lofting hookups do these state dept PR assholes have ?

    And then of course the MSM totally, like, comes in with :

    “Hey, everyone – this youtube clip has had 5 mill views – lets take a look … ”

    So the non-youtube news watching public then leans forward in their chairs

    and squints at the screen – while believing it all.

    Looks like KONY 2012 – Smells like KONY 2012.

    If you see some well-meaning-looking sap putting up earnest-looking

    “Dear God Please Help The Ukraine Before It’s Too Late!” flyer posters

    in your local western world city cafe

    – then corner them and demand some answers.

    They’ve got Canon 7D’s in Palestine. They’ve got make up artists in Palestine.

    5 Million views for some social upheaval like the kind that has been going on in Palestine

    since the end of WWII ?

    It would never happen.

    During the attack on Georgia in 2008 (2,000 killed)

    FOX news was trying to tell you that the Russians fired first

    until they put some Georgians on Live TV – clearly stating otherwise.

    Then FOX couldn’t cut their mics fast enough.

    There’s a pattern at work here – that all looks the same from orbit.

    And it’s a pretty shitty pattern – all about ‘gradualized encroachment’

    ‘managing people’s perceptions’,

    and a movement from regional – to full spectrum dominance.

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