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Updates From Venezuela


From Axis of Logic in Venezuela

2 comments on “Updates From Venezuela

  1. ewingsc says:

    Rise of the Anti-Government Flash Mobs: First Ukraine, Now Venezuela

    The US-supported opposition in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

    is taking its cue from the anti-government protests taking place across the Atlantic Ocean in Ukraine.

    Failing to win any of Venezuela’s elections by earning a popular mandate

    from the majority of the population in the last few years,

    the leaders of the mainstream opposition

    are now resorting to colour revolution tactics

    and a Ukraine-style disruption strategy.

    The aim of these [ U.S. supported ] opposition leaders in Venezuela

    is to manipulate the galvanized anti-government protesters

    into creating a political crisis in Caracas.

    Mainstream opposition leaders are doing this

    by instigating the protesters into taking steps

    that are geared at toppling the Venezuelan government.

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  2. ewingsc says:

    Destabilizing Venezuela Continues

    Obama’s rogue agenda of regime change exceeds the worst of his predecessors.

    He heads a Homeland Police State apparatus.

    He’s waging war on humanity and ravaging one country after another.

    Obama wants the independent governments of Syria, Iran, Ukraine and Venezuela toppled.

    He’s got other targets in mind.

    As for the game plan, it’s hard to keep track of his lawlessness,

    with the multiple initiatives ongoing at the same time.

    Read the rest here

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