Rethink 911 Posters in the Wellington CBD We are putting up Rethink 911 posters in the Capital City. and have sent out open letters to Radio New Zealand and the Dominion Post. Let’s hope someone in the media notices! Open letters and more on our activities here : https://nz911truth.org/news/rethink-911-posters-in-the-wellington-cbd/ Thanks […]

Obama’s spy scandal news is “the tip of the iceberg” of private phone and email communications rights abuses involving hundreds of thousands of government and private contractor spies in the U.S., according to whistleblowers revealing a programlaunched during Bush’s regime, critically injuring more of America’s finest people than publicly acknowledged. https://www.examiner.com/article/how-nsa-spies-ruin-1000s-of-america-s-greatest-people