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Just s small quote from Dame Anne Salmond’s letter.
Surprisingly, it seems, that time is now. Over the past months, a series of laws have
been passed that threaten the rights of New Zealanders. This is a matter of such gravity
that last month, the Law Society felt impelled to report to the United Nations that in
New Zealand “a number of recent legislative measures are fundamentally in conflict
with the rule of law”.
Extraordinary though it may seem, this statement is no more than the truth. In its
report, the Law Society lists acts that have allowed the Executive to use regulation to
override Parliament, that deny citizens the right to legal representation, and which
cancel their right to appeal to the courts to uphold their rights under the law.
The Law Society also draws attention to the use of Supplementary Order Papers and
urgency to avoid proper Parliamentary scrutiny of legislation. They express their
concern that a number of bills formally declared by the Attorney General to be in
breach of the Bill of Rights have recently been enacted.


  1. This “democracy” that we have is little more than Popularity Politics.

    When their term is coming to a close and elections are just around the corner, these honourable gentlemen and “gentlewomen” become suddenly seized by an irresistible desire to act. Just as the caterpillar cannot help growing into a butterfly, these parliamentarian worms leave the great House of Puppets and flutter on new wings out among the beloved public.

    They address the electors once again, give an account of the enormous labours they have accomplished and emphasize the malicious obstinacy of their opponents.

    Once they get back into power, the peoples man now changes back again into the parliamentarian worm and becomes fat and rotund as they gorge on the leaves that grow on the tree of public life!

    Only to be retransformed into the glittering butterfly after another term in office has passed.

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