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  1. I cannot believe that there is not far more outrage about the overwhelming violation of privacy and this absurdity of such detailed spying from the NSA. All the propaganda is conditioning the public to accept this more readily as a normalcy and to this day no changes as to the methods have been made. The fact that various countries have not demanded this change is actually proof that they were aware and are probably all a part of this in some way. It is disturbing to find out that that a governments is acting much like a slave keeper who is afraid of anyone stepping out of line. Essentially people should realize that we all have a choice of association whether it be personal or related to the blatant advertising campaigns when browsing the web. It should not be allowed that any personal PC be infiltrated with unwanted visits by anyone. ~Your IP address is unique and personal and we all pay a monthly fee for our personal domain, how can this be allowed ? All this proves what `i have always thought, the primitive methods used prove just how low key they really are.and that distancing oneself from any respect for this system is made easy right here.
    I prefer to dwell on a sophisticated internet without forced diversions and unnecessary spying. The propagand around Snowden is doing nothing but making people even more afraid to speak the truth, this is called reverse psychology. What we really need in people is passive resistance to the material world so that whole system will come down like a hose of cards. come on folks show some guts to do things your own and very unique way, this is how you stop them all in their tracks.

    1. Agree totally. Well said ! Not enough people getting outraged and acting and speaking out. Lots of things to do to speak up, write, act but unfortunately most are just accepting the status quo and allowing the brainwashing and becoming complacent and apathetic. Get up, stand up, stand up for our rights.

  2. The corporate / rothschilds / cia . . . . . elitists have stated that they want Snowden dead. Why would a whistleblower choose to be forced to stay in some embassy to protect their lives against what they felt right and justified in doing? Without Wikileaks ; Assange ; Aaron Swartz ! ! ; Daniel Ellsberg ; Bradley Manning and Snowden and many more, we would not be so aware of the ugliness behind the curtains. Of course the corporate owned propaganda machine media is focusing on them but maybe not for the reasons many think. Just maybe many are dead wrong about whistleblowers who act with conscience and justice. It takes a ton of courage to stand up to such massive evil. Traitor or hero, time will tell. “You can dam a river and you can dam a stream but you can not dam a tidal wave.”

  3. “Great spirits always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” A. Einstein
    Gee ! why so much hate and anger towards the messenger? What if some are just wrong about Snowden and Assange ? What if many are believing the hype and not seeing the truth? Ever think that all of this negativity and judgment towards Assange and Snowden is part of the NWO plan to discredit the messenger so many will not take seriously what justice and truth and honour really feels and smells like. My last comment did not get through, hope this one does.

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