Australian TV Dares To Show The Real Israeli Occupation


The 45-minute investigative film, “Stone Cold Justice”, concerns the Israeli army’s mistreatment of Palestinian children. Along the way, it provides absolutely devastating evidence that the children’s abuse is not some unfortunate byproduct of the occupation but the cornerstone of Israel’s system of control and its related need to destroy the fabric of Palestinian society.

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  1. A quarter of secular Israeli youth want to leave Israel

    Israel is becoming an unattractive proposition not just for the ever growing proportion of civilized human beings who are backing the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, but for Israelis themselves.

    A study of 501 Hebrew-speaking Israelis aged 15-18, commissioned by the Zionist Council in Israel and conducted by the Midgam Research Institute, found that about a quarter of secular Israeli youth wanted to leave Israel and make their lives elsewhere, the Times of Israel reported, citing Israeli Channel 1 TV news.

    The study also found that nearly a third of the respondents did not consider themselves Zionist and 11 per cent did not identify themselves as Israelis.

    However, whatever it was that was making the world’s only apartheid state unattractive to young Israelis, land theft wasn’t one of them.

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