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Massacre In Gaza Protest ~ Auckland New Zealand 26 7 2014

2 comments on “Massacre In Gaza Protest ~ Auckland New Zealand 26 7 2014

  1. Blake says:

    Monkey puppet PM Key is not speaking out against the lies/genocide by the Israelis because he is Obama’s little lap dog and would not want to appear to be real, genuine and compassionate against his corporate elite criminal gang. All show and very little substance. “Don’t confuse loyalty with Integrity.” Johnny’s asleep. Kiss up Johnny Boy as your team falls in disgrace. Lets hope the voters wake up and learn about what is really going on before the election. The media and their funny polls are trying to manipulate the NZ public but I feel they are beginning to show their cracks and stupidity. Wake up NZ ! !

    The below link with Robert Steele is a few years old but some powerful info we need to re look at.
    “The corporations / central banks are the cancer, the evil” The rule by secrecy, murder and mind control must stop. The lack is in the lack of will.

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