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Gaza/Palestine Rally – Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand 02 Aug 2014

One comment on “Gaza/Palestine Rally – Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand 02 Aug 2014

  1. Freedom isn't just a word nor should it cost anything says:

    MSM latest on Israel’s genocide in Auckland,

    Adrian Orr, for those just waking up late,

    He’s been a money man for a long time (he is ex- Reserve Bank). Clare Swinney and others will know from some reports and private information obtained in the document published under the name of “The Orr of the Epidemic” (2007).

    This showed that the Reserve Bank had a “Bird Flu” plan to declare martial law if they decided to and ‘medical officers’ would exist for forced treatment. People should also look up Adrian Orr’s involvement in “Emory”. Yes Emory – the one’s that are in circle with the African Ebola outbreak. Emory and other “labs” with their so-called Vaccine research, end up making biological weapons secretly (under the guise of medical cures/research) and have done so since at least the 1970’s (Fort Detrick, Linton (U.S) and other labs in the U.S).

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