2 thoughts on “EBOLA HOAX BUSTED?

  1. THis post was quite disturbing for what appears to be Tulane University – Tennessee (a private Uni. with its founder a big confederate donor in the US Civil war) injecting ebola vaccines into patients in SierraLeone. The University had to have armed guards to secure their bio weapons facility – Kenema, there after protests from locals broke out when a local nurse disclosed what was going on.
    Kenema bioweapons lab is the only testing centre for ebola in Sierra Leona and holds the highest number of victims…

  2. Well… DOD proved colloidal silver works against ebola and a myriad of others (actually EVERYTHING they put against colloidal silver…dead) back in 1989.
    So the guvment knows it works.
    However, they threatened, and accosted those who were spreading the word, and damn near destroyed the business of the people who sent it to Africa for free.
    WHO tried very hard to stop its use, and had it stalled at the docks.
    But the good people overcame the A-holes and it got through, and people are getting better.
    Suddenly WHO says ‘ We allowed it in because anything is worth a shot’
    Yes friend, we would be well within the lines of truth to say this is a set-up for the sale of a useless vaccine, which is in all probability tainted with an ‘NWO/EUGENICS’ special.

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