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Why Was Phil Goff Silenced And Why Did Netanyahu Phone John Key Four Times On The Day Of The Chch Earthquake

First of all, I don’t see a Jewish Conspiracy. I see an country which was obtained by the deceit and terror for a group of people who while claiming they were Jews were very much part of a secular movement. The Zionist movement is a young political movement while the Judaic faith is a very old religion and there are millions of Jews who very much against the state of Israel and who say that Jews are the people who believe in the Judaic religion and as such do not represent a race.I also see a very well organised Zionist network around the world which is well financed and which uses the terms anti Semitism and Jew haters not because the want to protect religious Jews from prosecution but to justify their disgusting, genocidal and terroristic behaviour towards Palestinians, Arabs and other real Semites.

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