Tensions escalate as Ukraine tries to regain international attention diverted by Syria Whilst all eyes are on Syria there has been a steady deterioration of the situation in Ukraine. In violation of the ceasefire shelling of the territories of the two people’s republics has resumed, and the OSCE has confirmed […]

Russia tightly shut the sky over Syria for any aircraft, except its own American military expert, a former Colonel of the U.S. army Jack Jacobs said that the United States can’t interfere with Russians in Syria, as Russia de facto set up a no-fly zone, cutting off access to any […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FIRST AUSTRALIAN JFK CONFERENCE Because Justice Is Never Too Late Reopen Kennedy Case (ROKC) is proud to announce the first JFK conference to be held at the Mercure, Melbourne this November. The JFK assassination could be considered a strictly American affair if not for the Super Power […]