2 thoughts on “Turkey Receives $6.6 Billion EU Bribe to Hold Back Refugees

  1. i agree with Rob, it’s obvious to me that this Icke muddies the waters and brings disrepute to those who promote and follow him.

  2. Your magazine is great,it exposes the global agenda.The onrushing breakdown of the political/financial/military system is still obscure to most of the global population,who do not understand what is happening. I think it may be a good idea to concentrate more on solutions and how the planet can organize to overcome the militaryindustrialbanking system .Most of the commentators on this subject concentrate on the problems although they sometimes talk solutions.We need a what needs to be done for the global crisis website or something of the sort.I am sorry but David Icke’s only solution is infinate love .No practical solution for the masses.How they are going to organize their lives is not in Icke’s language.From what I have learned in politics I think Icke is a British Intelligence Agent

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