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Are Ya Feelin’ Lucky?


….Well, are ya…?


In all the excitement over this new contest, I may not have counted the parting shot in my last comment.
But somethin’ I’d never forget is how easy it is to win a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to Uncensored Magazine.

It’s well-known that each of you Uncensored readers likes to Think for Yourself.
But I’ll bet ya didn’t know that just by sharin’ them thoughts, you could win a free subscription?
So are you feelin’ lucky?

Go ahead, make your comment!”



  =>  Share your ideas, opinions, secret insider information, etc. and automatically be entered in the drawing.
  =>  Comments must be authorized and posted by our blog administrator to qualify.
  =>  Each approved comment represents a new entry in the drawing and there are no entry limits per contributor.
  =>  No profanity, threats, insulting or demeaning comments will be authorized (or tolerated).
  =>  Drawings are held the day before each new release (4 drawings per year)
  =>  By submitting a post, each contributor grants Uncensored Magazine the right to re-post and re-print its contents.

Note: Comments can be made on any posted topic on this site to qualify.

-You may also present your own articles for consideration, if published these also qualify.

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