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“We Are No Longer In Control of WikiLeaks”!

Weird (or Weirder Than Normal) Is Happening at WikiLeaks


Photo-Illustration: Getty Images, WIkileaks

There’s something odd going on at WikiLeaks, the website set up by Julian Assange in 2006 as a place for anyone to publish secret information. Speculation about the legitimacy of the site, which became a factor in the 2016 election thanks to massive dumps of key Democratic Party operators’ emails, has been rampant in online communities like Reddit and 8chan for the past 24 hours — and WikiLeaks itself has remained silent about the problem.…



One comment on ““We Are No Longer In Control of WikiLeaks”!

  1. Martin Harris says:

    I should stress, when evaluating this information, to follow our advice and THINK FOR YOURSELF. It’s up to you, the reader, to try and figure out if this is disinformation or the truth. Is someone trying to scare potential whistle-blowers away from usinh WikiLeaks? Or, is WL truly compromised?

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