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Dark Expanse: Elena Freeland and Billy Hayes

November 29, 2016
There now appears to be real threats coming from the secret space race which has been secretly weaponizing the dark expanse of space. Some are even speculating that much of the strange activity happening in the sky is the test firing of clandestine space weapons, while many people are seeing unidentified objects which look like space war platforms. On tonight’s show, Clyde Lewis talks with author, Elana Freeland and former HAARP engineer, Billy Hayes, about DARK EXPANSE.

Do yourself a favour and jump to about 40mins on the Dark Expanse show with Clyde Lewis. He goes on a lot.

I recommend trying to listen to CNN’s clip (below) before fast forwarding to the sensible discussion by Elana and Billy

War In Space – The Next Battlefield – CNN

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