Avocado Skulduggery Brewing

Thanks once again to “Jack” for the heads up on this:
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This is the report I was looking for on how Seeka is currently wickedly planning to phase out the [non
-PVR] Hass avocados which anyone can now grow, and replace them with their own new variety which has their PVR licence, in the same way Zespri is licensing and controlling the G3 growers with its PVR, while attempting to force the green growers without any PVR on their variety out of business! Same as Monsanto licensing global food supply. Totally demonic!
And do look at the very short time frame that they’re working to – effectively this will ultimately put all of the existing avocado growers out of business if they don’t urgently switch to the new variety at a massive cost and under licence to Seeka, similar to the G3 hybrid kiwifruit.
One would think that there would be an uproar following this announcement. But no. Sheep still asleep!
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