Mass Whale Standing Golden Bay NZ. “UPATED”


Important links to Interview with Rose Paige including first hand information from the scene of the whale stranding

Added here 12 Feb

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new aerial footage shows the overwhelming scale of NZ’s third-largest whale stranding, rescuers warn the coming hours will be critical.

Experts and an army of volunteers spent Friday morning fighting to keep surviving whales alive after more than 400 of them beached themselves at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay. They managed to refloat the survivors, but now have to wait and see if the whales will beach themselves again.

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The view from the air shows the overwhelming scale of the stranding.


The view from the air shows the overwhelming scale of the stranding.

DOC Golden Bay operations manager Andrew Lamason said latest reports were that an estimated 70 per cent of the 416 whales had died overnight.

Live: Hundreds of whales dead
Video: Devastating vision from Farewell Spit 
Photos: Whales as far as the eye can see

Early in the morning, the focus turned to keeping the remaining whales alive until high tide at 10.30am.

By 11am, Golden Bay operations manager Andrew Lamason said they’d successfully refloated the surviving whales, but there were concerns they might restrand.

“What they’re doing is milling around so we won’t know until mid-afternoon whether we’re going to have a restranding or not,” Lamason said.

of this item and videos here:


FROM Rose at The Con Trail:

I recommend Stranded No More to follow this

Stranded No More 416 (!!!!) Pilot whales, 75 % dead, the rest will be refloated by Project Jonah which could be pointless if the seismic survey is still active. We are still checking on the vessel.
Stranded No More
Stranded No More Possible seismic survey by the Amazon Warrior in the area, we are checking
I just checked, Amazon Warrior is currently leaving the area at 12.45pm as I type this
Added at 11.30pm:
Volunteers at the stranding scene, pics by Saru G
Saving Holor
Puponga Beach
the rescue effort continues, more pics Thanks to Saru and Rose

Martin Harris

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12 thoughts on “Mass Whale Standing Golden Bay NZ. “UPATED”

  1. See addition to post: more stranding of 180 whales and 200attempting to re beach.
    A mass suicide of cetaceans?

  2. This is so cruel. What can we do as Citizens/Tangata Whenua to stop this Amazon Warrior and Seismic testing?

    1. We are basically doing what we can Claire. Spreading awareness, sharing information, protesting. And protest takes many forms other than chaining oneself to an oilrig! Sign petitions, contact your local councils (Christchurch in particular is opposed to hydraulic fracturing and deep sea drilling), letters to MPs, and to your local papers.
      Even talking to one’s friends and workmates has a surprising impact. Think Butterfly Effect Claire. Little things matter. Gather evidence (see the ship tracker link for example). There’s lots one can do.
      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Normally we wouldn’t let expletives past moderation Anna, but in this instance you are expressing how most of us are feeling right now.
    Just got home from work and lots to catch up on. I believe Rose over at the Con Trail went to assist with the rescue op. Must be heartbreaking when they restrained themselves.
    An absolute catastrophe.

    1. Thanks for the understanding rather than judgement ..makes me feel I am involved with the real deal people as in..its not about judgment but about freedom of opinion..this site gives me that.Love it..Thankyou guys.

      1. Even though I’m down in Christchurch, I’ve been closely connected to this tragedy. As you can see from the pics above, friends of mine up in Nelson have been assisting in the rescue effort, and I’ve done my utmost to track the seismic exploration vessel’s movements in relation to this.
        The TV news is doing a fine cover up job, absolving Big Oil of blame.
        Many of the whales rescued simply beached themselves again, and DOC ordered everyone off the beach at sundown yesterday spelling doom for more of these poor creatures. The attempts were restarted at sunrise this morning, but so many have died, it’s sickening.
        And yes Anna, we are the “real deal” people, I’m a Christchurch quake survivor and truth seeker, and this is not just a one man show, there’s an army of ‘awake’ friends and contacts that make this work.
        It’s catastrophes like this stranding that make one realise that while humanity is capable of some terrible things, we can also be capable of great compassion and selfless acts of kindness.

  4. Hi people

    So a bit of swearing goin’ on there Anna? … first time for everything … and it is for a noble cause so dont beat yourself up about it. No doubt not having to mention seismic testing fucks up sonar in sea mammals… as it’s something your all probably aware of anyway … Lets hope that fault line tickling excuse for oil dredging keeps on going back to where it was conceived … hopefully with the clowns that justify it being in our waters in the first place.

  5. That fucking amazon warrior could do with a good fucking stranding itself..Hitting a reef b a good start..Im really angry reading all this..god damed assholes..And i must say in my defence..this is the first time I have EVER sworn on any feedbak sites..

    1. The majority of the second pod approx. 200 whales have re floated. Yay!
      Thank God for small miracles.

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