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New Zealand: No Photo ID, No Entry to Ministry Of Social Development Sites

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From Morning Report7:50 am on 15 February 2017

Security guards must now stop anyone trying to enter a Work and Income office if they don’t have ID.

The changes are part of a new government policy being rolled out after two staff members were shot and killed at the Ashburton office in 2014.

But the guards’ union says it’s causing long queues and frustrations at the door.

Mike Treen of Unite Union said many of the people arriving for their appointments did not know about the policy.

He said guards were working outside, on their own, with an appointment list and dealing with a queue of people.

“The guards aren’t actually able to do their job of guarding the door because they’re busy looking up and down checking the names.

“So they’re not keeping their eye on the customers, not keeping an eye on what’s happening outside. They’re not able to do their job.”

He said customers were being made to stand aside while contact was made with somebody inside the office – but the guards could only do that by tapping on the door.

Mr Treen said the system was confusing, frustrating and dangerous. “In effect you’ve got WINZ making the guards carry out reception duties.”

In a statement, Ministry of Social Development associate national commissioner Te Rehia Papesch said it was an important part of security that they knew who was coming into their sites.

“Our security guards are having a conversation with people before they come into our offices to quickly discuss why a person is there, and helps to make sure we don’t admit anyone who might represent a risk to the safety of other clients or our staff.

“People will be asked for ID – any form of ID. But we know not everyone carries this at all times so I can reassure people that not having ID won’t mean people can’t come into a Work and Income office.”

Beneficiaries’ advocate Kay Brereton said the ministry had told her 21 people had so far been turned away for not having ID, but she suspected the true number was far higher.

3 comments on “New Zealand: No Photo ID, No Entry to Ministry Of Social Development Sites

  1. dean says:

    Hi people

    Well our Ministry of Social Stagnation has been at it again I see. While I’m all for staff safety – client safety too, this “kick-back’ on security tightening seems a bit pointless. So we dont let anyone enter a WINZ building without ID? What about if I have my ID, rocket launcher and smile a lot? Another ludicrous MSD reaction from their brains trust that shy’s away from real responsibility. Poverty can be the cause of a whole range of issues that aren’t going to go away simply because you’ve shut a door in someones face.

    • Martin Harris says:

      I think you’re right, Dean. This will only embitter and alienate the people. As usual, a crisis has been used as a handy excuse to enforce “police state” control measures. Doesn’t matter if it’s 9-11 and homeland security or earthquakes in New Zealand, every unfortunate event seems to be taken as opportunity to tighten the grip. Is it any wonder we get suspicious that some of these crises are manufactured for the purpose?
      Yes, I’m all for safety and security, but the more the grip is tightened, the more angry gun wielding killers they’ll create. A little compassion and understanding fixes a lot more problems than vice-like security measures. We have become a band aid solution, ambulance at the bottom of the cliff society, and somehow that needs to change, and change begins with attitude.
      Thanks for commenting Dean.

  2. Martin Harris says:

    Comment from Clyde Wainwright at the Con Trail:
    “I see Phil Goff (former labour MP and now Auckland Mayor)disclosing on the news 2 nights ago that there was no point introducing regional petrol taxes now with GPS car registration only 5-6 years away, Big Brother is getting all too real when the state can issue speeding tickets for EVERY instance you exceed the limit and can charge you differential rates according to which route you use, to say nothing of recording your location and your every movement for all time…the NWO umbrella is growing by the day!”

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