Empty Vessels and Loud Noises, By G Squared

Empty Vessels and Loud Noises


As soon as America perpetrated its cowboy act, on the back of The False Flag it had instigated, it knew there was a problem. Which was the reason Tillerson was immediately dispatched to Moscow.

If what America was saying were true, the Lavrov meeting would never have occurred as it did.

America is unable to prosecute a major engagement at this time in its history, or indeed in it’s foreseable future.

The movement to a war footing by Russia and China, which is now being eased back, was to demonstrate a resolve. The message was received by America, loud and clear.

Putin maintains control of Russia, by virtue of a definite threat to America, delivered and understood. If Putin loses control of Russia, America is in serious danger. It has spread itself thinly across the world and is unable to coalesce a plausible response in any major theatre.

America has postured at North Korea, but cannot respond without Russian and Chinese  approval. If it reacts against a plausible threat to Japan on the basis that it has a protective agreement with them, then this is the same situation concerning Russia with Syria. Which America just enlivened.

If America, by retaliation in protection of Japan, strikes North Korea, then equally Russia has a right to strike America for its action against Syria.

The False Flag Chemical Weapon War Crime by America, is unrelated to its Act of War against Syria.

The notion that America is all powerful and all nations fear America is the stuff of propaganda addicted fools. A study of true history is a study of rehabilitation. But to be rehabilitated, it is necessary to realise the tutored dysfunctionality and inculcated disengagement from reality.

The only hook America has, is if North Korea sends a missile in the direction of its fleet, camped off South Korea. North Korean missiles currently fall short in The Sea of Japan. A nuisance, but not a threat. Then America can fire at its military installations. Regime Change is also an issue which America, due to its history, is no longer able to present as a casus belli. An issue of ideological variance.

America, in many regards, has just tied its hands. It has also lost Russia’s protection from China. Remember previously in Korea and Vietnam, Russia and China acted jointly to remove America.

If Syria had genuinely dropped Chemical Weapons, America would have immediately linked Russia to Syria and isolated them ( With great strategic and propaganda value). But America striking Syria and reacting as it has only further confirms the truth.

For America to continue the charade, and indeed even push it into Russia’s face as a reality, is the worst aspect of the entire affair. And it is now primarily on that basis that America has been judged.

America’s defence capabilities have been paid as profits into the coffers of its defence suppliers, while it limps around the world, on posture and pretence, unable to defend itself.

The British Empire suicided in 1914, in Western Europe, and The American Empire; such as it was; self destructed in 2014 in Eastern Europe.

Russia never reacted to America in The Ukraine, because its tragic outcome, now beginning to unfold, was very predictable.

Russia as Kievan Rus exists from 882. But the modern Russia has only been built from 1991. America did not experience the turmoil of Russia from at least the end of its Tsarist Era.

America, wherever it could, from the end of WWII, conducted its foreign adventures virtually without check, excepting for its insanities in Korea and Vietnam.

It invaded and caused civil war in Guatemala to control the banana industry, through United Fruit, and Chiquita Bananas. It invaded and devastated El Salvador to control the coffee industry. The destabilising of Honduras and Nicaragua were connected to the drug industry leading to The Iran-Contra Affair.

Every Central and South American Country, Cuba, and much of The Caribbean, variously suffered the hand of American intervention.

The DEA and its related cohorts were not put in place to destroy the drug industry, but to control it. The world is flooded with drugs. A century ago, the English Navy bombarded Hong Kong to control the opium trade. Afghanistan is the world’s major supplier of opiates. An astonishing 18,000 tonnes a year.

At the changing of the guard in Afghanistan, from Russia to America, the arrangement was that America protect Russia’s pipelines, and Russia will not firebomb The American Poppy Fields.

After the withdrawal of Australian and New Zealand Forces (exposed in The New Zealand Parliament) from Afghanistan, the guarding of those fields, protecting them from Islamic Religious Fundamentalists (Terrorists; The Mujahideen becoming The Taliban, becoming Al Qaeda), passed to private contractors.

Monsanto bought the private army Blackwater which was rebadged to Academi.

Some years ago, I interviewed one of the couriers, who was serving a life sentence in an Australian gaol. There were extraordinary events that had occurred, as he outlined to me. The shipments of half tonne lots, passing from South America to New Zealand to Australia.

It took me some years to piece the story together. There had to be links and chains. These people could not have acted alone or in isolation. An unaccountable industry, built on social devastation. The tighter the regulation, the greater the control by the cartels and the greater the returns. It is economic devastation as well.

It was only to the 1960s or so, when heroin, morphine, and marijuana could be openly purchased. The first two over the counter at the local chemist’s shop. There are some interesting photos of bottles on the net.

The drug issues faced today began emerging as these substances became controlled and illegal. Before that, no one cared. The Prohibition Era in America is an interesting comparison. The birth of The Mafia that never looked back.

Marijuana of course is related to hemp, and by it being illegal, the synthetic fibre industry could advance. Interestingly nylon is an amazingly durable and strong product. Because of its qualities, it was necessary to dope the product to make it break. It became “Fit for Use”. Otherwise the market would dry up. So Nylon products today are non durable garbage. The history of women’s stockings is interesting.

The insanity of The Fur Seal Affair in Canada is well documented. ‘Real Women wear Fake Fur’ as the Canadian economy was almost devastated by the massive Fur Seal Lie.


Text by G Squared, edited by Martin H.


Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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