Urgent statement by the deputy commander of the DPR Armed Forces, Eduard Basurin.

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Urgent statement by the deputy commander of the DPR Armed Forces, Eduard Basurin.

The Nazi Ukraine Army (AFU)continues to aggravate the situation on the contact line in violation of the Minsk Agreements. The ATO command is trying to transfer the conflict into a “hot” phase, committing provocative actions against the DPR People’s Army.

As it became known from a source in the command of the military unit A0456 (Odessa), on the eve of the May holidays, the Ukrainian Nazi Armed Forces, specifically the Ukrainian Junta Navy units as part of one combined brigade of Marines, prepare a plan for active military operations in the Volnovakha and Novoazavsky districts of the former Donetsk region.

According to the plan of the command, on April 23-24, two mobile subversive groups are planned to be deployed in the area of the locality of Shirokino. At the moment, weapons are being prepared for saboteurs.

To conspire the operation of the group, it is planned to use civilian vehicles equipped with mortars.

The main goal of the group is to approach the contact line as close as possible, to conduct a provocative fire on their false positions, and, consequently, justify the beginning of retaliatory strikes on the positions of the DPR Army.

Then, it is planned to launch a large-scale offensive in order to regain control over the territory of the former Donetsk region. The planning of the operation takes place against the background of the raising the degree of the rhetoric of the Nazi Ukrainian authorities representatives and is accompanied by the intensification of propaganda in the media controlled by the Nazi Kiev regime .

Due to the depressing moral and psychological state of the military, the authorities are making attempts to rotate the ATO forces units, hastily «repairing the gaps» in the vanguard of the future offensive.

Recently, the Ukrainian media have spread a statement by Nazi Official Alexander Turchinov on the AFU steady advancement to the Russian border. By the way, soon after this statement, the head of the National Security and Defense Council was hospitalized with an unidentified diagnosis. The politician of the newly baked European power preferred not at home, but in Germany.

In addition, the Defense Minister of the Ukraine Junta , Stepan Poltorak, incessantly informs of building up the tank grouping on the contact line. In addition, the other day Poltorak announced his intention to send over 20 tanks to the ATO zone. It should be noted that all the statements of the Kiev representatives are made against the background of the ceasefire and the withdrawal of weapons. In particular, right after the separation of forces in the former Lugansk region, Poroshenko announced that all tank units were in constant combat readiness and, if necessary, in no time would return to the battlefield.

While newspapers and news agencies of the Independent continue to be full of reports on the conclusion of agreements with ‘friendly countries’ on cooperation in the military sphere, the president of the country extols in London the power of the ‘Ukraine-fighter’ occupying the 8th position in strength in Europe. Most importantly, he said that Kiev was fighting with its ‘own weapons’, without any outside help, but owing to ‘fantastic’ training by British, Canadian, American and European colleagues.

After such statements, it is not clear how the military and political authorities of Ukraine are going to fulfill their promises on a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass. Based on recent actions by politicians and other bosses, it is absolutely clear that the Kiev authorities do not plan to resolve the conflict in Donbass politically. On the contrary, all the facts point to the preparation of the Nazi Ukrainian Armed Forces to unleash a large-scale war in the east of the country.

It can not either be ruled out that this aggravation will be used by Kiev to accuse the DPR and LPR representatives of violating the Minsk Agreements. This is most likely to happen on the eve of the next meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group for the settlement of the situation in Donbass, which, according to the statement of the OSCE Special Representative, Martin Saydik, will be held on April 26.



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